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Government of Saskatchewan News Releases

Man Ordered to Pay More Than $41,000 for Starting Wildfires

Illegal Outfitting Operation Results in Lifetime Hunting Ban and $16,000 in Fines

Poacher Fined More Than $4,600 for Wildlife Violations

Environmental Charges Lead to More Than $22,000 in Fines

TIP Calls Help Solve Poaching Case Near Saskatoon

Wisconsin Man Fined $4,200 and Given Two Year Hunting Suspension

Illegal Outfitting Investigation Nets More Than $71,000 in Fines

TIP Call Results in $14,700 in Fines for Kamsack Poaching Case

Kamsack Resident Fined $1,200 for Illegal Hunting Activities

Alberta Man Fined $5,600 for Hunting Violations

Investigation Results in More Than $5,700 in Fines for Pinehouse Lake Outfitter and Guide

Two Men Fined $3,000 for Illegal Hunting Activity

North Battleford Area Outfitters and American Hunters Fined More Than $24,000

Maple Creek Resident Fined $3,200 for Running Down a Pronghorn Antelope

More Than 1,000 Annual TIP Calls Keep Poachers and Polluters in Check

Two Manitoba Men Fined $15,000 for Hunting Violations

Two Saskatoon Area Men Fined $8,400 for Unlawful Hunting

Six Saskatchewan Men Fined More Than $55,000 for Unlawful Outfitting

Three Men Fined More Than $14,600 For Illegal Hunting

Prince Albert Area Men Fined $8,951 for Wildlife and Criminal Code Violations

Two Alberta Men Fined $5,150 for Wildlife Violations

Weyburn Man Fined $5,000 For Illegal Hunting

Know Your Limits - Help Protect Saskatchewan's Fishing Resources

Prince Albert Man Fined $9,400 for Three Separate Fish & Wildlife Violations

United States Man Fined $8,001 for Trafficking Wildlife

Yorkton Company Fined $18,900 for Unlawful Disposal of Waste

Illegal Outfitting Case Results in More Than $50,000 in Fines

North Battleford Area Men Fined $5,880 for Unlawful Hunting

Company Fined $4,900 for Littering in Forest

Saskatchewan Men Fined $6,970 for Unlawful Hunting

Outfitting Company Fined $20,000 for Illegal Outfitting and Hunting

Chitek Lake Area Man Fined $4,900 for Illegal Outfitting

Province to Strengthen Hunting Laws in Wildlife Amendment Act

Lloydminster Men Fined $5,500 for Illegally Harvesting Trees

Claude Resources Inc. Ordered to Pay $172,000 for Spill of Diesel Fuel

Saskatoon Man Fined $6,500 for Firearms-Related Charges

Saskatoon Man Fined $5,600 for Unlawful Hunting

Forest Company Fined $18,200 for Harvesting Infractions

Saskatoon Man Fined $2,800 for Abandoning Ice Fishing Shelter and Littering

Fines for Serious Fishing and Hunting Infractions Increased

Buffalo Narrows Man Fined $19,360 for Illegal Sale of Fish

Viscount Man Fined $3,930 for Illegal Trapping

Saskatoon Man Fined $1,650 for Wildlife Act Violations

La Ronge Man Fined $2,250 for Unauthorized Shoreline Alteration

Man Fined $12,000 for Outfitting Without a Licence

Two Maidstone Men Fined $21,000 For Using Aircraft to Hunt Wildlife

Four Saskatchewan Men Fined $7,570 For Illegal Angling

American Hunter Fined $7,139 For Unlawful Hunting

U.S. Resident Fined $8,400 for Illegal Outfitting

Saskatoon Contractor Fined $42,000 for Illegally Harvesting Forest Products

Steelhead Salvage & Demolition Inc. Fined $50,000 for an Environmental Violation

Telephone TIP Leads to Fines for Three Saskatchewan Hunters

Hudson Bay Man Fined $2,500 For Burning During A Fire Ban

Outfitting Company Fined $3,500 For Wasting Game

North Battleford Area Resident Convicted of Unlawfully Importing and Exporting Wildlife

Meadow Lake Man Fined $20,300 for Illegal Outfitting

North Battleford Area Men Fined $24,500 for Illegal Outfitting

Outfitter Fined $4200 for Wasting Game

Saskatchewan Anglers Fined $4,200 for Fisheries Violations

Saskatoon Company Fined $14,000 for Operating an Incinerator Without a Permit

Mining Company Fined $85,676 for Burning Hazardous Materials

Whitewood Men Fined $56,000 for Illegal Shoreline Alteration at Round Lake

Saskatoon Company Fined $14,000 for Unauthorized Shoreline Alteration at Wakaw Lake

Three Men Convicted in Connection with Duck Shooting Video

Two Men Fined $10,400 For Unauthorized Alteration of a Creek in Wakaw Area

Moose Jaw Resident Fined for Illegal Hunting and Fishing

Saskatchewan Residents Charged For Illegal Hunting

Two Saskatchewan Hunters Fined For Chasing Wildlife

Saskatchewan Anglers Fined $15,500 For Fisheries Violations

$175,000 Fine For Illegal Outfitting

Outfitter Fined $35,100 for Exceeding Angler Limits on Trout Lake

Cabin Owner Convicted Of Illegal Outfitting

Texas Duck Hunter Fined for Bagging Over Limit

Illegal Outfitting

If you observe any offence it is important that you note some details: a description of the violator(s) and the vehicle, a plate number of the vehicle, the location of the offence and time of day or night. Remember the Turn in Poacher Line is a toll free number and is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take your calls.

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