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Environment Canada

Director - Ross Stewart has been a Federal Wildlife Officer the last ten years for the Environment Canada's Wildlife Enforcement Division in their Prairie and Northern Region based in Saskatoon. He is currently the Intelligence Manager for Prairie and Northern Region that includes the three prairie provinces. Ross was a Conservation Officer in Manitoba for several years.

Director - Kent F.R. Siegele is the Saskatchewan Operations Manager for Environment Canada's Environmental Enforcement Division in their Prairie and Northern Region based in Regina. He has been an Environmental Enforcement Officer for Environment Canada since 2000 and prior to that was a Saskatchewan Conservation Officer for almost 20 years.

Saskatchewan Association of Conservation Officers (SACO)

Director - Cal Schommer is the president of SACO and has been a Conservation Officer for several years. He is currently stationed at Saskatoon.

Secretary - Daryl Minter is a past president of SACO and has been a Conservation Officer since 1980. He initiated a K9 program for Saskatchewan Environment and was a K9 handler for 14 years. He is currently the Inspector for the Prince Albert Compliance Area.

Treasurer - Terry Clifford is a Conservation Officer stationed in Candle Lake.

Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation

Director - Glen Ungar is on the Provincial Board of Directors for the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation. He is also the co-chair of the Provincial Wildlife Advisory Committee, and President of the Saskatoon Wildlife Federation.

Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities

Director - Norm Nordgulen is the SARM Director for Division 2. He is an ardent Naturalist and Historian to the point where he gave the Nature Conservancy of Canada an easement on his ranch to keep it in it's natural state for all time.

Ministry of Environment

Vice Chair - Ken Aube has a long history with the Ministry of Environment working as a Conservation Officer and a Compliance Manager. He is currently the Director of Enforcement with Compliance and Field Services Branch, Ministry of Environment.

Director - Rich Hildebrand has been a Conservation Officer with the Ministry of Environment for numerous years. He is currently the team lead of the Education Unit within Compliance, Education and Training Unit.

Nature Saskatchewan

Chairperson - Lorne Scott became the Nature Saskatchewan representative on the Board in early 2005. Lorne brings a wealth of experience to the Board including his resume as a past Minister of Saskatchewan Environment.

Saskatchewan Bowhunters Association

Director - Hank Halseth is the owner and operator of Hank's Concrete Service in Outlook. He is an avid bow hunter and currently sits as a director with the Saskatchewan Bowhunters Association.

Ducks Unlimited Canada

Director - Brian Hepworth is the Manager of Provincial Operations in Saskatchewan for Ducks Unlimited Canada.

Ministry of Government Relations

Director - Jeanette Krayetski has worked for the Government of Saskatchewan for 29 years, with the majority of her career spent in the Ministry of Environment within the Wildfire Management, Compliance and Field Services Branches. Jeanette's background in public and media relations has served as an asset in the production of the Sasktip Crime of the Month features, as well as the spokesperson for the Sasktip Ads.

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